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This Saturday, it’s the 3rd Indigenous Skin Spectrum Summit

Join your colleagues on Saturday, Nov. 25 for the 3rd virtual Indigenous Skin Spectrum Summit conference. The ISSS is a special session of the Skin Spectrum Summit addressing specific challenges in treating Canada’s Indigenous community. Health professionals and medical students can register at no charge.

Highlights from the agenda include:

  • Dr. Rachel Asiniwasis (Regina) identifies the highest priorities related to skin conditions in Canadian Indigenous populations for researchers, policy and decision-makers, and stakeholders

  • Dr. Brittany Waller (Regina) details her experience moving her practice from Toronto to southern Saskatchewan in an underserviced, rural area

  • Dr. Anna Chacon (Miami) provides practical pearls for virtual care and Indigenous skin health

  • Dr. Jordanna Roesler (Kelowna, B.C.) discusses the current state of knowledge regarding the link between household mould and atopic dermatitis.

Additional presentations include the experience of dermatologists practicing in Greenland, the role of Indigenous nurses in improving outcome equity, the problems posed by broadband internet shortages in remote regions and the barrier that represents to effective teledermatology, and an introduction to dermatopathology in skin of colour.


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