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International psoriasis advocacy organization IFPA launches petition on World Psoriasis Day

Photo courtesy of the IFPA

Today, Oct. 29, 2021, is World Psoriasis Day. To mark the day the IFPA (an international federation of psoriatic disease associations) is launching a global petition to demand progress in improving the lives of patients with the inflammatory skin condition.

In a press release from the IFPA, the organization notes that least 60 million people live with psoriatic disease worldwide. The release reports that many patients encounter barriers to effective treatment, four out of five experience discrimination due to visible skin symptoms and 12% experience depression.

According to the IFPA, in 2014, all UN nations unanimously voted to approve the Resolution on Psoriasis (WHA 67.9), committing to improve the lives of everyone living with psoriatic disease. Following that resolution, practical recommendations on how to achieve that goal were published in the World Health Organization Global Report on Psoriasis in 2016. However, the IFPA notes in their release that the objectives of the Resolution have not been met.

“We are tired of promises. We demand progress,” says Janina Kostiukaite, World Psoriasis Day Coordinator, in the release. “The countries that voted to approve the Resolution on Psoriasis must deliver on their commitments.”

IFPA's World Psoriasis Day Petition highlights five core demands.

  • Change perception of psoriatic disease

  • Ensure equal access to medicine

  • Stop stigma

  • Advance holistic care

  • Prepare the workforce

The organization hopes to gather 200,000 signatures by the end of 2021. “World Psoriasis Day is a powerful opportunity to mobilize advocacy all around the world. By coming together, we can call on health ministers, governments, and decision-makers to improve access to treatment. United, we can ensure that people living with psoriatic disease are supported,” said Frida Dunger Johnsson, Executive Director of IFPA, in the release.

The World Psoriasis Day Petition can be signed at

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