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Deadline approaching for the Canadian Skin of Colour & Diversity Scholarship program

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Time is running out for Canadian dermatology residents to apply to the Canadian Skin of Colour & Diversity Scholarship program, supported by Pfizer Canada.

In the shared goal of the Skin Spectrum Summit conference organizers and Pfizer Canada to empower dermatologists to enhance Canadian healthcare and knowledge, a committee of independent dermatologists is inviting applications from dermatology residents nationwide.

The aim is to propose novel projects addressing care gaps in skin diseases in underrepresented populations. This includes individuals with deeper skin tones, Indigenous people, and other racialized groups in Canada.

Selected recipients will receive scholarship funds to support the development and implementation of their initiative.

This scholarship aims to create an equitable dermatology environment. It welcomes applications that focus on improving dermatological care for underrepresented populations, including Canadians with deeper skin tones, Indigenous people and other racialized groups.

The application period ends on Sept. 5, 2023.

More details on the application, review, and selection processes are available at this link:


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