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The Chronicle of Skin + Allergy congratulates the Women in Derm survey winners

To mark the first annual issue of Women in Dermatology issue, the publishers of The Chronicle of Skin + Allergy would like to thank those who completed and submitted the questionnaire from the journal. Five readers who returned the questionnaire were selected by random draw to receive Google Home Mini devices.

The winners are: Dr. Judy Mader (Halifax), Dr. Dmuamada Kothare (Regina), Dr. Lois Stewart (Saskatoon), Dr. P.L. Tham (London Ont.) and Dr. Rajen Ramgoolam (Winnipeg) are the winners of the voice-activated smart home speaker powered by Google Assistant.

Women in Dermatology, which will be published annually, is the first nationally-distributed publication that recognizes and commemorates the contributions of women to the specialty of Dermatology in Canada. Female dermatologists have long made significant contributions to the fields of skincare and discovery, as Clinicians, Researchers, and Educators.

The future of Women in Dermatology might be seen as the future of the specialty itself, as an emerging majority of female practitioners pays increased attention to the unique requirements and preferences o female patients.

Thanks again to those who responded to the survey.

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