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Website launched to provide resources for employers to develop sun safety plan

Sun Safety at Work Canada has launched a website aimed at providing resources and support to help employers develop a workplace sun safety plan to reduce employee sunlight exposure, the Canadian Dermatology Association (CDA) has announced.

The website at provides free tools and resources geared toward helping employers implement sun safety programs in their existing occupational health and safety management systems. These resources are available to download.

“Sun exposure is a serious occupational hazard. It is the leading cause of skin cancer and can cause other health issues including sunburn, cataracts, skin and eye damage, and heat stress,” said Thomas Tenkate, PhD, project lead, according to a CDA press release.

“The good news is that the health outcomes from sun exposure are largely preventable, but not all employers have the resources to put in place a sun safety program. We developed a six-step process to help workplaces build their own program and made all supporting materials readily accessible on,” added Dr. Tenkate, director and associate professor in the School of Occupational and Public Health at Ryerson University In Toronto.

Sun Safety at Work Canada is funded through financial support from Health Canada through the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer as a Coalition Linking Action and Science for Prevention.

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