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Photo series aims to bring awareness to patients living with melanoma

Melanoma Through My Lens Reflection Project

A national not-for-profit skin cancer organization in collaboration with a Canadian pharmaceutical company has launched a melanoma awareness campaign featuring a photo series created by six Canadians from across the country with advanced melanoma.

The Save Your Skin Foundation and Novartis Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc. created the Melanoma Through My Lens Reflection Project to raise awareness about the different forms melanoma and highlight patients’ experiences living with the condition. The photo e-book is available online at

A press release notes that the collaboration also hopes to raise awareness about the related genes involved and its impact on patients and their families. The disease can vary from person to person because of gene mutations that may be present in melanoma cells, and that are unique to each person. While the BRAF mutation is the most common mutation in advanced melanoma, other known mutations include NRAS and c-KIT.

“Every advanced melanoma patient lives their own journey in a very personal and profound way. The moment you get that diagnosis, it is life-altering for you and everyone in your circle,” said Kathy Barnard, founder and president of the Save Your Skin Foundation and a 10-year survivor of the disease.

“Patients and their families go through so much; it’s literally like a roller coaster ride. When I was first diagnosed I felt alone. This is why I created the Foundation in the first place. Through this campaign we want to raise awareness of the advanced melanoma journey and let other advanced melanoma patients know they are not alone.”

“We are committed to improving and extending the lives of cancer patients in Canada. It brings our organization great pride to collaborate with organizations such as Save Your Skin Foundation, who have been a pillar of support to melanoma patients in Canada,” said Winselow Tucker, general manager, Novartis Oncology. “This project gives melanoma patients a voice and allows them to express how they feel in a unique way. We hope that it will help inspire other Canadians living with melanoma to find the courage to continue their fight.”

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