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Three non-surgical alternative options for treating your patients submental fat

Here are three non-surgical alternatives for treating your patient's submental fat, from a New-Jersey dermatologist courtesy of Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery.

The examples of non-invasive options for treating a double-chin mentioned in the press release include Belkyra (deoxycholic acid), CoolSculpting procedure and Ulthera.

“With these newest treatment options we are seeing terrific results with little downtime or discomfort for our patients,” said Dr. Jocelyn Lieb, a dermatologist who practices at the Advanced Dermatology P.C. and the Center for Laser and Cosmetic Surgery in Ridgewood, N.J.


Belkyra, branded Kybella in the U.S., is designed to treat submental fat and it is administered through an injection. It has been approved by Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“It is a chemical equivalent of deoxycholic acid, a metabolic byproduct that is produced naturally in the body to help absorb fats,” explains Dr. Lieb.

When injected into the area beneath the chin, Belkyra bursts the fat cell membrane, which liquefies the fat and causes it to get absorbed by the body.

“Most patients will require between two and four treatments, one per month, with severe cases requiring up to six treatments,” says Dr. Lieb. Because it causes only mild pain and swelling, it will not interfere with your daily routine. “Optimal results are seen three to four months after the treatment is complete.”

CoolSculpting procedure

Another non-surgical option for treating submental fat is CoolSculpting procedure, which is also approved by Health Canada and the FDA.

This non-surgical treatment uses controlled cooling to reduce stubborn fat under the chin. It works by delivering cool temperatures to the fat cells to crystallize (freeze) them, inducing programmed cell death. Over time, a persons body naturally processes and eliminates these dead fat cells, leaving a more sculpted and defined chin.

“The procedure requires no needles, surgery or downtime, and positive results [are noticed at about] two to three months after just one to two treatments,” says Dr. Lieb.


Finally, Ulthera is a third non-surgical alternative that uses ultrasound energy to tighten the skin under the upper neck, reducing the double chin. It has been approved by Health Canada and by the FDA.

“[Ulthera] swaps the tools of more invasive surgical methods for an ultrasound wand which heats the tissue under the surface of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastic tissue,” says Dr. Lieb.

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