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70% of people considering cosmetic procedures, and most prefer that dermatologists perform them

Recently released results from the 2017 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Consumer Survey show that nearly 70% of the 7,322 responders are considering a cosmetic treatment—a value that has doubled since 2013.

A press release from the ASDS noted that the annual survey reflects overall consumer views on cosmetic medical treatments, and ratings for 10 specific procedures.

“Cosmetic procedures continue to increase in popularity, much to the credit of technological advancements made for minimally- and non-invasive techniques,” ASDS President Dr. Thomas E. Rohrer said in the release.

Alongside the increased interest in cosmetic procedures, there has been a consistent importance of dermatologists in patient decision-making. For the fifth year in a row, dermatologists were ranked as the number 1 factor influencing a consumer’s decision to have a cosmetic procedure performed. Dermatologists were also the top choice for physician in eight of 10 treatment categories.

“Patients trust their dermatologists to offer advanced procedures and a variety of treatment options to help them look and feel their best,” said Dr. Rohrer.

The survey collected data on 11 factors influencing patients’ selection of a practitioner. Of those factors, consumers consistently highly rated the factors related to physician expertise—three of the top four factors were the physician’s board-certified specialty, referral from another physician, and the level of the physician’s licensure.

“Patients are confident in the expertise and training board-certified dermatologists offer for their skin health and beauty needs,” Dr. Rohrer said.

The most commonly reported reasons to seek out cosmetic procedures included wanting ‘to feel more confident,’ ‘to look as young as I feel or better for my age,’ and to ‘feel more attractive.’

Of the different treatment types the survey asked about, the most popular (and the percentage of consumers considering them) were: body sculpting (58%); directed energy therapy for smoothing wrinkles or tightening skin (57%); microdermabrasion (53%); and laser hair removal (47%).

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