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Image Library for Dermatological Conditions

Dancing Hands

This photo library is a clinical and medical education support tool with over #,### medical images of skin disease with an equal emphasis on skin of colour. This is not meant for diagnosis or treatment but to assist in identifying skin disease and conditions across the different Fitzpatrick skin types.

The mission statement is to create an educational resource database of photos through voluntary user content to raise the standard of care for patients of all skin types.

The need to establish a photo library of dermatologic conditions across the different Fitzpatrick skin tones and over representation was identified due to the significant underrepresentation of darker skin tones and overrepresentation of lighter skin tones in dermatologic and medical educational texts, scientific literature, and online open-access photo repositories.

We're proud and excited to introduce the DiTiDE Image Library photo collection: an image library focused on the diversity of skin tones across Canada, and created in partnership with Chronicle Companies, Canadian dermatologists and industry partners. The library is an open access bank of high-quality photographs of medical conditions in a range of skin tones for use by healthcare professionals.

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