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Diversity & Inclusion Cultural Competency Toolkit
for Dermatologists

The Dermatology Industry Taskforce on Diversity, Inclusiveness & Equity ("DiTiDE") is a volunteer committee consisting of Canadian life sciences managers and executives, physicians, and allied parties who are committed to the strategies and practices to support a diverse and representative workplace, health system, and society. DiTiDE members believe that by working together we can make a positive impact on the workplace and the boarder health system.

The mission statement for the cultural competency toolkit is to share Canadian dermatology stakeholder-validated best practices and to make recommendations to support doctors working with people with diverse skin tones to help fill resource gaps.


Medical Association
Canadian Dermatology Association

Knowledge gaps to provide optimal care to patients with diverse skin types and tones for certified Canadian dermatologists.


Cultural Competency
Canada's History and Today's Physician

Resource on history, current status and guide to improving cultural competency and safety.

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San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training
Provincial Health Services Authority in BC

Focus on uprooting anti-Indigenous racism and promoting cultural safety for Indigenous people.

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Cultural Competence | Culture & Health
Caring for Kids New to Canada

Improving cultural competence to reduce health disparities for priority populations: children

Melanoma Canada CME certified courses for healthcare professionals

Free CME accredited courses on treating melanoma in patients with skin of colour.

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Improving Cultural Competence to Reduce

Health Disparities for Priority Populations

Systemic review that covers key questions on components of cultural competency toolkit and resources.

Canadian Centre for Diversity
and Inclusion Certificate Programs

CCIP certification process designed to assess the knowledge and experience of diversity and inclusion professionals.


Comprehensive Tools for
Physicians and Patients

Resources to help educate on skin disorders, diseases, conditions, treatments and educational options specific to skin of colour.


How Racial Bias Has Impacted Psoriatic Arthritis & Rheumatic Patients

Amplifying Black advocate voices: How bias has affected my patient journey.

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You are invited to rate these sites according to their usefulness and quality of content. This toolkit is made available through the Dermatology Industry Taskforce on Diversity, Inclusiveness & Equity (DiTiDE). Learn more at DiTiDE

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