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Seeking testimonials for celebration of life feature honouring Dr. Stuart Maddin

Skin Chronicle,, and The Chronicle of Skin & Allergy would like to invite your participation in an upcoming feature celebrating the life and career of Dr. W. Stuart Maddin of Vancouver, who died on May 21, 2015.

Dermatologists from around the world are invited to contribute testimonials of approximately 100 words or so on how Dr. Maddin might have influenced your practice of dermatology, how he may have influenced you personally, or both.

We would also welcome any photos you might have of yourself with Dr. Maddin, for potential publication. (A digital jpg around 500K in size would be fine. If it is an older print, we can scan it and return the original to you.)

If at all possible, we would appreciate a response by Dec. 15th.

Please feel free to forward this notice to any colleagues you think might want to participate. Thank you.

Testimonials can be sent to Lynn Bradshaw at

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