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Potential target to prevent psoriasis recurrence identified

Researchers have identified a population of T cells that remain active in the skin of psoriasis patients after lesion clearance, potentially explaining why resolved skin lesions recur in the same sites, according to findings published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation (Sept. 25, 2017). In a press release, corresponding author Dr. Rachael Clark said that for a long time researchers have attempted to identify a cell population that continues to be active after psoriasis appears to resolve. Finding a specific population of T cells that drives the condition has been challenging, however, since when psoriasis is active the lesions contain a diverse population of T cells. Dr. Clark, a physi

New insights into staph aureus re-infection

Researchers have discovered new insights into how staph bacteria elude the immune system, knowledge that could guide research into new avenues of therapy for the prevention of drug-resistant infections. The findings come from a paper published online in Cell Host & Microbe (Sept. 21, 2017). Widespread MRSA infections have prompted routine use of antibiotics that were once considerd last-line, and this is making the antibiotic resistance problem worse, co-lead author Dr. George Liu, said in a press release. Dr. Liu is a pediatric infectious diseases physician at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center’s Maxine Dunitz Children’s Health Center, and the F. Widjaja Foundation Inflammatory Bowel and Immun

Fragrances, potential allergens common in popular ‘hypoallergenic’ moisturizers

A new study looking at the 100 best-selling full-body moisturizing products has found that many make inaccurate claims of hypoallergenicity. Also, those products identified as ‘dermatologist-recommended’ tend to have elevated prices. Both factors can contribute to patients with skin conditions having difficulty finding affordable, non-irritating products. Published online ahead of print in JAMA Dermatology (Sept. 6, 2017), the study examined the ingredients and performance of the top 100 best-selling, whole-body moisturizers at Amazon, Target and Walmart to determine the best consumer products based on affordability and how well they moisturized without causing a skin allergy. Investigators

Putting home remedies for acne to the test

The Acne and Rosacea Society of Canada has created a tool for clinicians and patients to determine the effectiveness and safety of home remedy techniques for treating acne. The “Home Remedies for Acne Evidence List” currently includes 22 common acne home remedies that have undergone scientific investigation to answer three questions: What evidence is there? Does the remedy work? Can the remedy cause harm? The list provides a link to search details with relevant articles. “Acne can be an extremely frustrating condition,” said Dr. Jason Rivers, a Vancouver dermatologist and president of the society, in a press release. “Pimples appear overnight before a big week at high school or simply never

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